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  • Mary Beth Johnson

Women who support and encourage one another…sharing a little piece of my heart.

I’m going to share my heart for a minute and I’m a little nervous to write something so personal to so many of you, but I am working on being vulnerable and putting myself out there more.

Two years ago when the building became available for the now home of Mary Beth Photography, I had a dream and vision of a place that would cultivate relationships between women, mothers, entrepreneurs, and friends. God put a dream in my heart to build a business, but also to build relationships and friendships that would encourage each other and bring us closer to Him. I love to see women who support other women, and had hoped to use MBP as a platform to do more of that.

Let’s just start with how it began with my love for motherhood and my children. My clients have shown me time and time again such love and inspiration as they face the everyday challenges of what selfless motherhood looks like. Whether they are working moms or stay at home moms, and even fur moms - the amazing love and support I have gained from this community is unwavering. I have clients that have become my very best friends that I’m so honored and grateful to do this life with in our joy and our struggles .

I also knew I wanted to carry products and support other women entrepreneurs in any way I could. I currently have two women owned candle companies who I am a retailer for. Abboo Candle Co & Antique Candle Co., they are Indiana made as well.

This year I added two associate photographers , Taylor & Kelly. We meet every month in a mentorship program designed to help them cultivate their own passion and communities in photography. They are aspiring photographers, and mothers who want to grow their businesses and have given me such a joy and sense of accomplishment in their many goals and achievements. I also employ Abby & Ashley, my assistant and my content creator… and love them to pieces as they have helped MBP grow and add their talents, perspective, and vision to my brand.

I am stepping out in faith this year again in partnering with local women owned business to host mini sessions with:

Pickles Kids

Lumi Extension Bar + Salon

and a list of others to come.

I truly believe that God gives us friendships and relationships with other women who are further along in their journey of faith to uplift us and encourage us in life. It takes a village to raise children and I would love to add to this calling in any way God allows.

If you are a mama in need of encouragement or support - reach out

If you are wanting to start or further your photography career - let’s chat

If you are a woman who owns her own business and wants to partner in an event or carry your product in the studio - email me.

I’d love to encourage you, walk along side of you, pray for you and your dreams , learn from each other, and build a community that you feel seen, welcomed, and supported in . 🤍

Valparaiso photographer .

Indiana photographer .

Nwi photographer

Women supporting women

Valparaiso Indiana.

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